Erasmus Project High School: Shaping the Future with International Experiences


The Erasmus project for high school students is revolutionizing the way young minds are educated. With a focus on practical learning and international exposure, these programs are not just about academics; they’re about shaping well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world. Let’s dive into how the Erasmus project high school programs and PCTO (school-work alternation) are making a significant difference.

The Essence of Erasmus Project High School

When a school opts for an Erasmus Plus program for high schools or a PCTO initiative, it embarks on a mission to provide students with unparalleled educational experiences. The journey from pre-organizational work to the completion of the program is a meticulous process, aimed at ensuring each student receives the best possible exposure and learning.

The Role of Sagitter Training in Erasmus Project High School

Our involvement begins with thoroughly researching companies in cities like Barcelona and Dublin, popular for their rich history and plethora of opportunities. The aim is to find the perfect match for students, ensuring they are placed in environments that not only align with their academic pursuits but also prepare them for the professional world. This process is far from random; it’s an outcome of extensive research and careful selection, a testament to the dedication behind the Erasmus project high school.

Student Experiences: The True Measure of Success

The success of the Erasmus project high school programs is best reflected in student testimonials. With hundreds of students placed in diverse companies across various sectors like journalism, agriculture, hospitality, and IT, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Students rate their experiences highly, often giving them 5 stars, as seen in our Google reviews.

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Preparing Students for the World: The Sagitter Approach

We believe the key to a successful Erasmus project high school experience lies in preparation. Prior training sessions are vital, where students are briefed about their roles and the environment they will be entering. This preparatory phase is critical to ensure students begin their journey with confidence and clarity, knowing that Sagitter Training is always there to support them.

First Impressions Count: The Induction Day

The induction day of the Erasmus project high school program is crucial. It’s the day students are formally introduced to their work environment and the people they will collaborate with, setting the stage for the weeks ahead.

Distinctive Features of Our Erasmus Project High School Programs

What sets our Erasmus project high school programs apart are two fundamental aspects: comprehensive support to educators and meticulous attention to detail regarding students’ overseas stays. These qualities not only align with our mission but also ensure that each student’s experience is enriching and fulfilling.

Seeking Partnerships for Future Erasmus Project High School Programs

Our doors are always open for collaboration. If you represent an organization looking to organize an Erasmus project high school experience abroad, Sagitter Training is your ideal partner. We offer competitive pricing and high-quality programs, promising an experience that surpasses expectations. Click here to find out more about our Eramus+ programs.


The Erasmus project high school is more than just an educational program; it’s a life-changing experience that prepares students for the challenges of the real world. With Sagitter Training’s expert guidance, students embark on a journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery, setting them up for success in their future endeavors.

FAQs on Erasmus Project High School

Q: What makes the Erasmus project high school different from traditional education programs? A: Erasmus project high school focuses on practical, real-world experiences in international settings, offering students a broader perspective and hands-on learning opportunities.

Q: How are students selected for the Erasmus project high school? A: Selection is usually based on the student’s academic interests and aspirations, ensuring a match with the right international experience.

Q: What kind of support do students receive during the Erasmus project high school? A: Students receive extensive support, including pre-departure training, induction on arrival, and ongoing assistance throughout their stay.

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