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If you’re a student, teacher, or school director in Italy, and you’re thinking about study abroad experiences, you’re in the right place!


For over ten years, we’ve been helping students learn and grow in new environments abroad. Our programmes cover trending topics and fun activities, giving everyone a chance to learn in a different way, in a different place. Plus, our offers aren’t created just for students; we think of teachers and school directors at the same time, aiming to make the organisation of programmes abroad and the experience itself easy for everyone.

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Looking for a company that has expert staff living on destination? Sagitter Training is where you’ll find them. With our teams based in London, Dublin, Barcelona, and Italy, you’re getting the real local experience. From hidden spots only locals know about to trusted connections with our suppliers, we’ve got you covered. And if you encounter any issue? No worries. Our team sort things out very quickly. Trust us, with Sagitter Training, you’re in expert hands, always ready to assist. Travel, explore and learn abroad with confidence! 

Benefits for you:

Our staff looks after your wellbeing and satisfaction 24/7.

Swift response to any enquiry on destination. 

High quality network of suppliers, 5-stars experience guaranteed.

Moving at the pace of global digitalisation

What’s even better? We’ve got an excellent software system that keeps track of everything. From start to finish, we make sure things run smoothly. This means quicker answers to your questions and a guarantee that we’ve got every detail sorted for you. The world is going through a huge digitalisation era and we are following its steps. With the use of technology we make things better and faster.

Benefits for you:

Online portal where you can find all about your trip if you are travelling by yourself or manage your group of students if you are a teacher or school director.

Fast responses to any of your enquiries (usually within minutes during our working hours or immediately for emergency calls).

Green Initiatives and Care for Earth

Choosing Sagitter Training isn’t just about discovering new places or learning abroad; it’s also about creating a brighter, greener future. For every 5 students, we’re planting a tree. It’s our way of giving back and ensuring the world stays beautiful for future explorers. Plus, in every destination we operate, there’s an added focus on Environment and Sustainability as well an specific programme on our main destinations that are aimed to teach students the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and actions they can take towards a greener future. So, while you or your students enjoy exploring new cultures, there’s also a lesson on preserving the beauty of our planet.

Recognitions and Affiliations

While we’re passionate about the experiences we provide, we’re also recognised for our efforts. We’re endorsed by the British Council and are proud IALC Agents. That’s not all; we’re also renowned MEI (English in Ireland) and English UK agents and privileged members of the UK Confederation. So when you pick Sagitter Training, you’re not just choosing any programme; you’re opting for quality, credibility, and excellence.

Meet Our Team

The world is a vast, beautiful place, and our team knows that firsthand. They’ve been there, done that. Their well-traveled tales and experiences are what mould our programs, making them resonate with every traveler’s dream. If you’re curious about the faces behind these fantastic journeys, just scroll down.

Stefano Potorti

Founder & CEO

I am Stefano Potortì, the proud founder of Sagitter Training, dedicated to empowering young Italian students aspiring to study or gain work experience abroad. Having called London home for 20 years, my journey is deeply rooted in sustainability and enhancing essential soft skills among the youth, such as Time Management, Stress Management, and Adaptability.

I firmly believe in the transformative potency of networking and teamwork, subscribing to the philosophy that collective efforts yield innovative solutions. My mission is more than preparing the youth for the future; it’s about molding them into resilient and adaptable individuals, ready to flourish in varying environments and adeptly navigate the complexities of our modern world. Through Sagitter Training, I aspire to be a guiding light, inspiring a passion for exploration, learning, and innovation in every young mind we touch.

Leonardo Andrés Ancebú

Business Development Manager

I’m Leo Ancebú. Proud Business Development Manager at Sagitter Training, I’m deeply passionate about languages and the richness of global cultures.

My career has been a testament to the power of collaboration, the resilience to push boundaries, and the clarity of vision in manifesting aspirations. Now, my mission is to mold the youth, equipping them with these very lessons. I aspire to inspire, to transform every young mind I touch into tomorrow’s leaders. It’s my hope that with my guidance, they not only thrive in their personal lives but also make a positive impact in their communities. After all, the foundation of growth and change lies in a genuine desire to learn and the will to make it happen.

Agnese Tagliavini

Senior Project Manager for the UK and Ireland

Greetings, I’m Agnese, Senior Project Manager for the UK and Ireland, and currently based in London.

 My journey into the field of education began in 2012 when I arrived in London for an Erasmus project. Since then, I’ve remained deeply passionate about education.

Choosing to call London my home has had a profound impact on me. It has broadened my horizons, exposed me to new cultures, introduced me to diverse individuals, challenged my beliefs, and expanded my understanding of various concepts. Along the way, I’ve also learned to embrace new challenges, including adapting to London’s occasional rain and its punctuality expectations.

What truly makes my experience remarkable at Sagitter Training is the privilege of being a part of a dynamic and diverse team, which I cherish with great enthusiasm. 

Luca Galdi

Director of Barcelona Office

I’m Luca, the Director of Sagitter Training’s Barcelona office, with a foundation in Communication Sciences from the University of Salerno.

Once a dedicated freelance journalist in Campania, I moved to London in 2012, when I started my work with Sagitter Training.

My dedication has always been towards nurturing young talents, spearheading projects like the “Ambassadors of Taste” in collaboration with esteemed institutions. Since 2012, I’ve been deeply involved in European projects, emphasizing the power of collaboration and community. 

With Sagitter Training and the Compagnia Teatrale Italiana Di Barcellona (which I’m also Founder and Director), my goal is to shape the young generation, encouraging exploration, creativity, and resilience in the face of the ever-evolving global landscape.

Francesco Avezzano

Junior Project Manager

Hello everyone, I’m Francesco and I’m a Junior Project Manager for Sagitter Training Spain. 

I was born in Naples but have always had a deep passion for traveling and discovering cultures and customs different from my own. This passion has led me to see many different countries and took me away from my birthplace for a while. I first moved to Ireland for an educational and work experience on this wonderful green island, and later to Barcelona, the city where I currently live and ensure the best experience for students here. Reach out if you’d like some advice on making a change in your life!

Lorenza Pilati

Project Manager

Greetings! I’m Lorenza, an Italian soul rooted in Dublin, fueled by an innate wanderlust. My travel adventures began in my childhood alongside my parents and have since remained relentless.

With a degree in Social Education from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia under my belt, I embarked on a year-long volunteer mission in Hungary via the Erasmus+ program, known too as the European Solidarity Corps. This chapter ushered me into the realm of education, equipping me with language proficiencies like Hungarian and Spanish while refining my English. Today, in Ireland, I’m fervently championing the enchanting world of interculturality to the younger generation through Sagitter Training’s initiatives.

My aspiration? To guide as many as I can on this transformative voyage. Until our paths cross, best wishes!

Laura Crocè

Project Manager / Support

I live in Italy and I am passionate about the English language. My life is a blend of exploration and connection. I enjoy travelling and discovering new places and cultures, and this passion and curiosity are reflected in my work.

At Sagitter Training, I enthusiastically provide internal and external support to colleagues and clients. Collaborating in a team is my driving force, and I find great satisfaction in making a positive contribution to others. My life is a continuous journey of growth, where the desire to learn and contribute to the professional sphere merges into a rewarding path.

Alessia Villano

Personal Advisor

I’m Alessia, originally from Turin, but my journey has taken me across continents, living extensively in Europe and South America.

For over 15 years, I’ve been engrossed in education and training, a profession I deeply cherish.

When not working, family is my haven, and I treasure moments with friends. Whenever possible, I lace up for a run, a passion nurtured over years that’s brought immense joy. While I’m driven and grounded, I remain discreet yet ever-ready to lend a helping hand.

Francesca Antoci

Personal Advisor

Hello, I’m Francesca, serving as a Personal Advisor at Sagitter Training.

Over recent years, I’ve channeled my career towards international education and training, fostering a deep-seated passion for the sector.

I’ve been privileged to live and work in various nations, including Spain, the UK, and Germany, and I genuinely vouch for such enriching experiences. Relentlessly seeking opportunities, I devote myself wholeheartedly to support my team and our clientele, underpinned by my belief in the power of human connections. Through life’s journey, I’ve grasped the essence of balancing professional commitments with nurturing meaningful bonds with those dear to me.


Whether it’s a Ministay or PCTO programme, an Erasmus programme, a school trip, or a longer programme like the Academic Year Abroad, we’ve got you covered. Every experience is tailored to fit what you need, making sure everyone goes home happy and full of new memories. Let’s make your and/or your students study abroad dream come true, together!


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