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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not only a popular travel destination for many young people, but also the country that many emigrants dream of.

Above all, the main island of the Atlantic attracts with its proverbial British charm and diverse job opportunities.

And the English language, which almost everyone today has at least a basic command of it, is an added incentive to move there.

Arrival in the UK

This is not difficult at all, because the country, which is usually called Great Britain, is at least still part of the EU, so no further documents are needed apart from a valid passport or identity card.

Exceptions are the Isle of Man and the British Channel Islands, which do not belong to the EU.

With us you will learn what you should pay attention to when starting your new life.

Yes, the national currency is still the British pound.

Due to Brexit that the country voted to leave the EU in June 2016, the number of new immigrants has dropped dramatically.

No wonder, because there is great uncertainty that EU citizens will be able to continue living and working in Britain after leaving.

Job market

Economic relations between Europe and the UK have traditionally been good.

In this way, you mutually benefit from both highly developed business locations.

Thanks to the excellent trade relations between countries, you can earn points with Italian as your mother tongue.

British companies with activities on the Italian market, but also branches of Italian companies in Great Britain, depend on employees with excellent knowledge of the Italian language.

As a native Italian speaker, there is also a good offer in call centers.

It is probably not surprising that the London metropolitan area has the greatest economic potential. Mainly in demand here are service managers and IT specialists.

Banks, insurance companies and telecommunications companies are looking for employees, and the health sector has a growing interest in doctors, nurses and radiologists.

Academics and skilled workers have good career opportunities.

The Italian dual vocational training system is very popular in Great Britain.

For job interviews it is useful to have certified translations of certificates with you.

But don’t worry: in Great Britain, as a rule, direct training and career paths are not as important as in Italy.

It is much easier to start over from there.



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