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PCTO Programmes Abroad

Combining the Best of Classroom Knowledge with Hands-On Professional Experiences!

At Sagitter Training, our commitment lies in delivering premium PCTO programmes, covering a diverse array of sectors. We empower your students to dive into their areas of interest, from business, design, communication, fashion, to visual arts and digital skills.

Our flexible programme caters to the distinct academic backgrounds and personal goals of every student, enabling them to shape their educational path.

Our philosophy is centred around choice, giving students the autonomy to forge their learning journey.

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Our standout feature at Sagitter Training is our dedicated staff in London, Dublin, and Barcelona. Our experienced and supportive team assists students and teachers throughout their stay, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience. We acknowledge the significance of on-site support in enhancing the overall learning journey, providing guidance, tackling challenges, and fostering a secure and nurturing environment.

Broad Professional Network

Leveraging our extensive professional network with well-recognized companies across UK, Ireland, Spain and on the European countries, we assure students access to a superior experience. Our collaboration with esteemed organizations offers students a chance to interact with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and establish future career networks. This professional exposure elevates their educational journey, opening doors to prospective opportunities.

Seriousness and Care

At Sagitter Training, seriousness and care form our core values. We pay great attention to the human side of our programmes, acknowledging the unique aspirations of every student. We invite you to read our Google reviews, where past participants express their positive experiences and our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Teacher and Student Dashboards

Our digital dashboard for teachers and students ensures easy communication and access to necessary trip information. This platform facilitates access to pertinent documentation, pre-departure guides, and other essential resources, guaranteeing a seamless and well-prepared journey.

Great Partners

We take pride in our partnerships with renowned companies and schools in our destination cities. If needed, we can seamlessly incorporate language or professional courses from prestigious institutions. This flexibility allows us to cater to diverse educational requirements, ensuring students receive a holistic experience.

All-In-One Solution

At Sagitter Training, we offer an all-encompassing package that fulfills all your needs. From helping with statement writing to providing all required documentation pre-departure and post-trip, our dedication lies in supporting students and schools every step of the way.

Services for Organisations and Schools

For organisations and schools, our expertise in PCTO Programme comes with a promise of seamless service. Whether you are a school looking to facilitate a transformative international experience for your students or an organisation striving to connect with broader European networks, we’re here to help. We collaborate closely with you in:

Project identification design, and writing

Welcoming your students at the airport

Offer end-to-end support once the projects are approved

Facilitating bus passes

Logistical management

Finding appropriate host companies or schools

Securing accommodation

Defining individual training agreements

Organising extra activities, including company visits, workshops and excursions

Organising intercultural activities

Organising flights and airport transfers

Providing consistent monitoring and tutoring

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easy and stress-free process

We’re with you every step of the way. Our mission is to streamline your experience, ensuring that the administrative load is lighter, and you can focus on maximising the benefits of these enriching opportunities. With Sagitter Training, expanding your horizons through PCTO becomes a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Choose Sagitter Training for your PCTO programme and unfold a world of opportunities. Join us in shaping your students’ futures and witness the power of practical learning.


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