Study Holidays

Study trips for children, adolescents and adults

A surefire way to improve your chosen language is to spend a study holiday.

The study of a new language has always attracted students from all over the world to the most famous metropolises, eager to study in their prestigious and ancient universities.

At Sagitter Training, we offer students the best possible language immersion experience: constant practice and exposure to their chosen language, combined with cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods.

The guaranteed result is greater confidence in expressing yourself correctly day after day.

Study holidays for all needs

Each study holiday is designed to provide a learning path adapted to students’ needs, language levels and age groups.

As for learning holidays for kids, we offer the right mix of play, fun and learning, designed to inspire students in a fun way and make it easier for them to get in touch with languages.

Young people studying abroad combine positive lessons, group projects and extracurricular activities, ideal for full immersion and rapid but lasting progress.

Finally, for adults and professionals, Sagitter Training considers language programs with customisable and specialised programs to advance the purpose of acquiring the correct languages, to obtain the desired results.

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