Work Experience

The Sagitter Training work experience

Sagitter Training’s work experience proposal is based on a company internship abroad.

The type of activity proposed depends on your field of study, on previous experiences, on your preferences and also on the level of knowledge of the language.

The possible activity that we are going to propose is determined by your school background, your predispositions, any previous experiences and your language level in the chosen country.

An experience to live

It is an experience that we recommend for post-graduate, post-graduate or even during your studies. During the internship you will be followed by a company tutor who will be responsible for your training.

Sagitter Training does not guarantee or propose company hires or paid activities but our goal is aimed at foreign experiences for training in the form of training internships.

Our suggestion for students is to enrich their training baggage with work experience during or after the course of study.

The training experiences that we offer on the Sagitter Training platform are considered as a workflow created to be able to prepare for the next one and take advantage of the previous one.

Increase your chances in the world of work

You can prepare yourself to increase your CV by programming more Work Experience to refine the foreign language, planning further study trips, also to learn technical or specialized languages ​​based on your propensity for a work cut that is to your liking.

Our Team analyzes your needs and proposes an ad hoc internship solution.

Send a request with your preferences for a foreign internship, the period and possibly the professional orientation.

If you do not find a satisfactory solution on the platform, contact us, we will be happy to help you create a customized one!

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