We offer a variety of accommodation solutions abroad

We can help you find safe, convenient and comfortable accommodation to live in during your studies, which may be Erasmus, Erasmus Plus, PON, Summer Campus, Internships abroad, Language Courses abroad, and many other projects that we take care of in first person.

The family stay

One of the most well-known solutions is a family stay where you can meet real people, be able to live in their homes and come into contact with the authentic local culture.

The host family will welcome you in their home, you will taste the typical dishes, will offer you to be your guide in the host country, and will make you visit all the tourist attractions in the area, especially the lesser known ones.

Offering you a family accommodation also serves to disconnect from the daily routine of the hectic life in the city or even to enjoy the pleasure of a vacation in hitherto unknown places, just for a week or longer.

The student residence

Even the student residency experience can really be an opportunity to meet your needs.

You will have the opportunity to compare yourself with students residing there for the duration of the chosen activity, and perhaps discuss what you would like to do and all the other details related to your stay and, last but not least, you can also save a lot ‘.


We organize a meeting between trainees and internships.

Here students who would like to do an internship abroad can submit their profiles, choose internships and have the opportunity to apply.

On the other hand, companies and organizations that offer internships can expose their job offers and understand if the applications they have received are suitable for the position they have opened.


Another of our characteristics, is given by transport, where we will provide you with everything you need so that you can move freely in all the destinations we offer.

Starting with the shuttles that will welcome you at the airport, whether you are in groups or as a single student, to take you to student accommodation, with significant economic savings based on our offers.

Visits to companies

The visit in collaboration with companies is essential:

Our organization follows several steps:

the involvement of one’s collaborators in the company in charge of welcoming students should not be neglected to:

explain to the users the purpose of the visit, how it will take place and who are the guests in our case the students;

it is our care to identify who will accompany the visit and who, on the other hand, could be inserted in the different departments (in the case of students, a young figure able to carry out the work cycles without entering the technician)

Organization of the visit to companies

We also pay close attention to aspects that may appear trivial for the success of a school visit to the company.

  • The turnout and duration of the visit
  • The itinerant itineraries of the company structure
  • The age of the students hosted and their interests
  • The definition of times, avoiding the boredom that may occur and giving space to questions of curiosity one of the fundamental aspects is the appearance of the students visiting the company.

Define the different stages

The intent of the student visit to the company is to convey the functioning of the same in all its functions.

Ultimately, it is useful to prepare and make known an outline of the path, which shows the departments and offices involved in the visit, the permanence in each of them and the figures with whom the visiting students will have the opportunity to communicate.


Equal attention is given to providing adequate nutrition;

The student in courses abroad eats as best he can.
However, he seeks his own traditions, but among the various commitments (parties, concerts, walks with other Erasmus students, sometimes the university) they do not always allow him to eat properly

At Sagitter, we have made a selection of the best restaurants with a high quality / price ratio, which are present in the chosen destinations.
Group meals welcome the moments of daily distraction of students, generally we follow the habits of home with two courses, sometimes even three, differently on occasions such as events, meetings or important meetings, our choice also offers restaurants of a certain economic level higher.


In any of our offers that can be PON (C1 and C5), school-work alternation, Erasmus, Erasmus Plus and other European training projects, we provide detailed documentation that helps the student in internships, for language study, or for any course to which he joined abroad, which helps in carrying out his period of study, to follow the guidelines relating to the achievement of objectives.



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